The Oaks Sunday School

Name: The Oaks Sunday School

Summary: Once our children have attended Acorns where the seeds of faith are sewn, they progress into Oaks where the seeds of faith begin to grow and faith starts to bloom.

The children are curious and eager to learn, weekly attendance is high and we continue to use an explorative and interactive approach to learning the stories of Jesus, the teachings of His word and about His church and mission. The Oaks have enjoyed learning about many different (and less well-known) characters in the Bible this year. These have often been challenging and uncomfortable stories to grapple with. They get the chance to meet them in person each week when the ‘character’ sits on the ‘Hot Seat’ to be interviewed. This non-threatening approach enables us to gently and sensitively explore big issues that are beginning to impact the children in their own lives. We help them contextualise their learning by inviting the P.4-P.7 classes to join the congregation to observe our communion services and using their knowledge of the books of the Bible to find the passages read each Sunday Service. We use the time together to enable the children to explore, create and even play around the themes and stories together, so that strong bonds of friendship develop which we pray will lay the foundation of fellowship in years to come. Finally, we pray together and often rejoice in the ways that God answers our prayers.

When: Sunday morning during church service.

 Who can attend: Any child who is the current P.4-P.7 school year.

Where we meet: In our newly refurbished dedicated Sunday School room.

Contact details: Heather Lyle is our Sunday School leader. Contact with her can be made through the church website.

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