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If it's fun for the Staff Children It is fun for everybody!

It is all about making the children feel at home and relaxed as we prepare them for school.

Name: Ballyholme Preschool

Summary: Ballyholme Presbyterian Church Preschool is owned by Ballyholme Presbyterian Church and has been in existence since the late 1970’s. The group is nondenominational and operated by a Management Committee which is comprised of Church members in the honorary roles of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who are appointed by the Kirk Session of the Church, the Leader of the Preschool and two to four volunteer parent members who serve for one academic year. The group is a voluntary provider in the sector and is funded by the Education Authority. The Preschool is a member of the Early Years Organisation for Young Children. This is the largest voluntary organisation for the under-fives and their families in the province. Early Years is a cross community, non-sectarian and nonpolitical organization. The Preschool is registered with the Health and Social Care Trust and can cater for 26 children daily. We operate for 2.5 hours each day Monday -Friday.  We have 4 full time members of staff who are fully qualified to the standards required by the Health and Social Care Trust, with a wealth of experience in Pre-school education which includes specialist care for those children with special needs. Both the Early Years Specialist and the local Social

Worker visits the Preschool periodically to offer advice and support. Inspections are carried out by the Education Authority and Social Services. The aim of the Preschool is to provide a safe, secure, and caring atmosphere in which a child can grow. We aim: To provide a stimulating environment for children to learn through their play. To encourage the child to develop physically/intellectually/socially/emotionally and linguistically by providing a wide range of interesting activities which stimulate vigorous physical and imaginative play. To provide the valuable opportunity for the child to manage to get on with a group of children without parent/carer being present. Our objective is for each child to reach his/her potential.

The Preschool offers a curriculum which is based on the N.I. Curricular Guidance for Pre-school Education and is published by C.C.E.A. The balanced curriculum, although flexible, incorporates the six areas of learning in which a child can develop at his or her own rate physically, socially, emotionally, linguistically and aesthetically. Through play, your child will experience early mathematical concepts, early experiences in science and technology and gain a knowledge and appreciation of the environment. Play is the principal means of learning for your child.

In order to assess your child’s development, a member of staff will be assigned as a Key Worker to monitor and observe their progress throughout the year. The Key Worker will act as a liaison between you and the group. We issue written reports on the children three times a year when discussions with parents take place also.


When we meet: Monday – Friday

Where we meet: The Erskine Hall.

Contact details: Preschool Leader: Mrs Amanda McMahon 

Address: Ballyholme Presbyterian Church Preschool 46 Ashley Drive, Bangor,

BT20 5RD

Telephone: 028 9145 2796


Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 9am–12 noon

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